Thursday, April 2, 2015

Slow Days, Fast Weeks

That´s how I feel it´s been the last two weeks. Elder Bennett use to tell me that all the time and I feel it is very true! 

I still can´t get my head around the fact that I am in the city but I still love it. Well I like the being in the city part, doing missionary work is a little bit harder. We don´t get lost and I love being able to know the streets and the names so that we can help other lost people out haha

We´ve been working super hard this week with the President of the Elder´s quorum, he is an awesome guy(he is actually moving to Utah this November, at least those are the plans for now), we have had his help and quite a bit of help from other people in the ward. 

We were able to figure out a baptism date for one of the investigators that the Sisters had. He has been coming to church for three months, reads the manuals for the classes, the Book of Mormon, understands it all but I think he lacks a firm answer or a testimony that the things are true. We are going to go to General Conference with the date in mind so we can see if he feels like it is the right time for him.

Speaking of General Conference, I am stoked! Hopefully I´ll be able to catch a couple more things in Spanish this time. We are really focusing on prophets in our lessons so that we can help our investigators feel that we have guidance in these days and that they can know for themselves when they come to the General Conference sessions.

Yesterday five investigators came to church which was fantastic! We are working with them and getting married because they can´t have a baptism date until they are married obviously.. So we will see how it goes. 

Nothing extremely exciting happened this week but we are making progress! We aren´t the best teachers(under statement) but we are learning which is the important thing and it´s a very fun learning process. 

Thank you for the emails and letting me know how everything is going! I´ll talk to you next week!

Elder Gunnell
You will not believe what I found!!!!!!!!!!! I love Santiago!!!!!!!!!!!
Project number two! Just some blueberry muffins, they don´t look super pretty but taste amazing.
Just a dumb sunset pic with some broken glass from a building, no they didn´t let us in their apartment.

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