Thursday, April 2, 2015

Well we are heading around the corner for General Conference!!! Woohoo!! I am so excited to listen to the Prophet and his apostles. I am even more excited to understand what they are saying this time around since the last time I didn´t really catch much! Haha but I´ve been trying to read and listen to their talks since they gave them and I really liked them! 

This week was a little bit better! We are getting to know more people and how to manage our time a little better. But it is still really really really slow in the morning and the afternoon because no one is in their houses. We have gone to just about every building in our area I´m pretty sure so I think the people at the receptions are getting a little tired of us so we´ve got to start calling people and planning lessons over the phone which is definitely a hit and miss kind of tactic but we will see how it goes this week!

This last Saturday we had a service project in the city Curacav√≠. I think there was three zones of missionaries that went and the Young Adults from all around Santiago. There was a huge old field with tons and tons of garbage so we left our house at 7, got working around 9:30, at lunch at 2, worked again, then got home at about 6. We basically cleared the whole entire field of garbage. It shocked me how much we did. When we first pulled in I had no hope that we would be able to make the place look good again. But at the end of the day, I was shocked to see how clean it looked. Now we just gotta get the people to stop throwing their trash away there. It was actually pretty fun and a change to our normal routine. 

We actually found a family this week!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got a reference through email which is a little weird because it had never happened to us before. We decided to go to the building and see if we could have some luck and talk to the person. We talked to the mom and she said to call later that night to talk to the daughter who was who we were looking for. I called later that night and was able to talk to the daughter. Turns out she was born in Florida because her parents lived there and so she learned English as her native language, it was super weird talking to someone in English over the phone. Anyways she has lived here for a long time and speaks super good Spanish but is losing her English. She was in contact with a member awhile back who said he was going to send missionaries to her house so they could practice English with her and teach her a little bit more about his gospel. We got to know the whole family and are going back to their house today! I don´t know if she just wants free English lessons or if we will be able to make progress with them! Hopefully the latter.

As you might know the church came out with a new video for Easter, I´m excited to use the video because it is very pretty and helps us realize that Christ did live and still lives today. We have been able to have some pretty powerful lessons with the video so far and hope to be able to utilize it in a good way and help some people to progress! Also don´t forget to share the video with everyone!

Dad I am extremely jealous of you trip to Moab and that was just mean to send me a picture of your bike next to the sign of my very favorite trail in Moab. I hope you know that when I get back I would like to re-learn how to mountain bike very quick and head to Moab in the fall. So put that on your calendar. Haha

That´s it for this week! Please love every second of conference and send me your favorite one liners and quotes!

Elder Gunnell

P.S. For those of you that asked, I could use some Mapleine because they don´t sell that here and so when I run out I won´t be able to make yummy syrup or the cream for my cinnamon rolls...:)

I wanna send pics of the families from Catemu.
 Maria Paz

 Second counselor Jose Luis, Angelina and their two kids
 President Gonzales
 Adela and her aunt and cousin
 Juana and Christian. Not present: Manuel the baby and Victor the dad
 Carolina, Martina and Alexia
 Anna, Cecilia and Patricio (Pato Salsa)
 Patricio, Brian and Claudia
 Susana and Yuri

 This is Liduina and her daughter

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