Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Six Weeks

So today were transfers! We found out Saturday that both of us would be staying which wasn´t much of a surprise! It should be a good six weeks because we have been able to get to the area more and hopefully we can have a little bit more luck!

Let´s see what happened this week......

Oh to start off we had splits with out district leaders. This was actually the second time but I went to their area again and once again I feel lucky to be in the city with a fancy ´ol apartment and everything. One of the reasons being they had forgot to buy gas so we had to shower in cold water which wasn´t as bad as I thought but I still like my warm showers! Haha I am spoiled here. Also in the morning for our exercises we did all sorts of dumb P90x type of junk which left me sore for like three days. I really gotta get going on that so I don´t stay out of shape haha. But that was Wednesday.

Then Saturday came a long and guess what! Elder Oaks came to our mission!! We had a conference with him in the morning! It was wonderful, he is so full of energy and taught with so much power. And he made quite a few jokes so we all got a good laugh too. We got to shake hands with him and his wife and Elder Zaballos and his wife and another seventy. I felt so ready to go after that conference. It´s amazing the kind of the spirit that his has. It seems to just radiate from his body. 

After the conference we had one of the most successful Saturdays, if not THE most successful saturday of my mission. Every where we went we were able to find someone. Whether it was a new investigador, less active, or someone we had already been teaching. We didn´t even have time to rest cause we were bouncing from lesson to lesson! We found a new family too!! I was so excited!

Then Sunday came a long and in the morning the second counselor called and told Elder Richards that he would need to give a talk if the ward mission leader didn´t show up to church. Elder Richards went into a frenzy for 20 minutes trying to write a ten minute talk. When we got there the bishop told him don´t worry about it because there was a counselor from the stake who would take care of it, he calmed down a little bit afterwards. Then the funnest thing happened!(a little sarcastic) We went into our Gospel Principles class and one of the counselors in the bishopric came up to me and said, ¨Hey the teacher hasn´t shown up so can you teach the class?¨ I was like yeah sure that´s fine! So he handed me the book and sent me up front and told the class that I would be teaching, I was thinking it would be like the plan of salvation or something like that but to my wonderful surprise the lesson was on Abraham and the covenant that God made with him and his people. So that was a blast:) Hahaha I think overall it went decent but it would have been fine if I had had like 5 or ten minutes to at least look at the lesson to see how deep it went and such but oh well!

After church we had ANOTHER day just like Saturday! Full of lessons and finding people! We found a mother and her daughter who had got to know missionaries like two years back. And the daughter had invited a friend who is really interested! I´m excited to see what progress they can make.

Today we went for a little walk and were doing a little shopping for Elder Richards. I spoiled myself with two donuts from Dunkin´ Donuts and a hot chocolate! And then Elder Richards made a peach cobbler which was mighty tasty!!

That was my week! Hope you all had a wonderful week too!

Love always,
Elder Gunnell

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