Monday, January 25, 2016

Just a quick one

I´ve got very few minutes but I´ll give a short run down on this week.

Last Monday there was a fire in our apartment building. We live on the 10th floor and it was on the 5th but below us. Luckily no one was in the house but that made it a little complicated to put out. By the time it was finally put out, by the neighbors and other people near by, just about everything was destroyed which is so sad. The firefighters got there but a little, or I guess too, late because with all the fire houses that we had lowered down from all of our floors they basically were able to put it out. The family is okay, a little shaken, but okay and living with the grandma until they can get everything figured out so keep them in your prayers!

Last week was a very slow and long week but there were positive things that happened too! One of the good things was that we found a family from Africa! They are from Kenya. They are sooo welcoming, so loving and so humble. Their fifteen year-old daughter got here about two months ago and is learning spanish. The parents have been here for about eight years and speak spanish very well. But I taught the lesson in English so that the daughter could understand. They offered us food the very instant they invited us in. I have never been invited into a house so quickly in my mission. We had a wonderful lesson and were able to give them a Book of Mormon in spanish. We were also able to help them download the Gospel Library app on their phones so that they could read it in one of the many languages they speak. Thank goodness for technology and a big thumbs up for that amazing application that I hope everyone is using DAILY!:)

I had an idea to make a ton of cookies and going around and giving them to the members and people that always give us food or do things for us so that we could thank them and ask if they knew anyone that we could visit or help out. The cookies which were oatmeal raisin (my favorites) and oatmeal chocolate chip turned out incredible but the idea flopped. It didn´t go as well as I had hoped. We didn´t get any references or names of people to visit. But that´s okay. It was worth a shot. I guess not everyone is as alive in the work as I would have hoped.

I pray for you all and hope that you have a fabulous week!

Over and out,
Elder Gunnell

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