Monday, January 18, 2016


First things first, I played the piano yesterday in Sacrament Meeting. For the first time in my life. Haha it went.. Well to be honest it was kind of a disaster haha but I think it was better than nothing! I mean I kind of figured I wasn`t going to play perfectly or anything and I was okay with that! Next time I play, which I think will be in two weeks, I am hoping that it goes a little bit better:) It is way different playing the piano alone and with the accompanement of people. So props to all those who can do it well! I definitely don`t have that talent! Well at least not yet, maybe one day I can develope it... We`ll see! But it was an adventure and it was something I had never done before so I feel good about it!

This week was a really successful week until Sunday. We found quite a few new people to teach which hadn`t happened in this sector for a long long time. The bummer of the week is that we were going to bring two families with us to church. One of the children of one of the families was sick so they decided not to go (the are from Haiti and are sooooooo cooooooool. I wish I could be Haitian.). They other family had some serious problems with the dad at like 3 in the morning... Which was really sad to be honest... The poor kids. We will go see how they are doing later this week and I hope that nothing worse has happened. I guess it`s not right to say that the week was a bad week just because it went bad on Sunday. In reality it was a good week. We could help a lot of people, get to know new people, and do service! I love doing service.

All in all I am doing well!

I would like to share something from a letter from a former companion of mine.

¨I really like this concept: I like to think of learning as a tool box. When we're born our tool box is empty; not a single tool in there. As we grow our parents work their very hardest to start putting together our tool box. They give us a screw driver here and a hammer there. They teach us to talk. That's a very useful tool because it allows us to ask for things we don't have or communicate to others that we're in a dangerous situation and that we need help. They teach us to use the potty which allows us to not be societal outcasts. Etc. Etc. In this point in our lives we should expand our tool kits to do valuable things. Knowing how to work with computers is valuable to a company. Knowing how to get people to buy things is valuable to a company. Knowing how to drive and successfully bring pizza to someone's door is seven-dollars-and-twenty-five-cents-per-hour-plus-tips valuable to Pizza Hut. [Our grand responsibility and great purpose is] to pack as many skills, talents, abilities, and knowledge into [our] toolbox[es] as possible. Think of this: The Lord has the complete tool kit. He knows how to do everything, and He probably uses His whole tool kit to bring to pass His plan. This life is a time to make our tool boxes look like His so that we can use our tool boxes like He uses His. And He gives us trials and weaknesses so that we can add even more tools to the box. He does it because He loves us!¨

So there is some of the profound doctrine of a good friend of mine and just a little something to think about! 

Thank you for all you are doing for me! It means more than you know.

Have a wonderful week!

Over and out, 
Elder Gunnell

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