Monday, January 11, 2016

You´ll never guess what I got myself in too...‏

So with Sister Christensen gone we had no one in the church to play the piano. Me, not knowing that there really is someone who can play the piano but comes every other week for some reason, decided (me being the go-getter that I am) that I was going to play the piano in church. Funny joke right? When was the last time I touched a piano? Years and years ago? Well long story short, next week I have been assigned to play the piano in Sacrament meeting. Someone tell Ressa Budge for me that I am grateful for everything that she taught me and that I am trying to remember everything I can, but I really don´t remember much. Also say lots of prayers.:)

It was a slowww week. And real hot. Many of our investiagators have hit the road for summer vacation and we are no longer teaching a majority of them so last week was a week of finding. We talked to a whole lot of people and hopefully this up-coming week we can see some fruits! 

My last cooking experience was quite a disaster. I was going to make a cookie dough brownie for our District Class. In the process of making the brownie, I accidentally put in a little too much baking powder and while it was cooking in the oven it kinda of turned into a volcano and got allllll over the oven and started a little mini fire in the oven which I quickly turned out as the smoke filled our little apartment. We scared a couple of the neighbors in the process haha. 

I think that is it for today! Sorry for the short letter this week and for not replying to many of the letters you all sent me. Next week I will do better! Have a wonderful week! 

Much love,
Elder Gunnell
The smog here in Santiago is gross sometimes. 
  A pretty sunset but not like Cache Valley.

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