Monday, January 4, 2016

From the mom

Bayler didn't have time to write this week but with his permission I'm taking part of his letter to me and putting it on here.  

I think all of your wonderful and faithful prayers were answered:) I didn´t get transfered. I didn´t get a new companion. I´m just where I need to be with who I need to be with. I don´t know why and maybe I won´t for awhile but I know what I need to do. I have the wonderful opportunity to help change his life. I can be a companion that he never forgets. I´ve been very cold with him because I expect more from a 24 year old man but it isn´t my place to judge just to help. I´m going to love him. If I don´t do anything in this area I am going to love and help my good ´ol comp. Thank you for your prayers:) don´t stop praying!

I love that talk by Maynes. About a month and a half ago I decided that I was going to start listening to at least one talk from conference every morning. So when I go to shave I bring my little speaking into the bathroom and put on a talk (ive just gone in order of the sessions, never skipping a talk) and as I shave, shower, get dressed and make breakfast I listen to and focus on the talk. Later when I am finished I start my personal study and go back through it in the Liahona to find the parts I liked and read the scriptures that called my attention. It has been one of the best habits I think I have started on the mission. More than once it has been an answer to me or to someone who asked me for help. For example a new sister missionary (she´s been here for 5 months, she is from cali) is going to be training this transfer and had told me how worried and nervous and scared she was. That very morning I had listened and studied the talk by President Erying from the priesthood session and told her to read and study it. It was exactly what she needed. Amazing how God does that isn´t it?

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